Lettings Guides

We have a Lettings database where we can narrow down all properties that fit your criteria. Once you’ve identified a suitable property and supplied us with the details of preference we will carry out a reference check, your information will be forwarded to the landlord for acceptance. 

Once the landlord confirms that they would like to proceed, we will draw up the relevant paperwork, forming an agreement to be signed by both parties.

An inventory of the contents and condition of the property is usually produced prior to commencement of the tenancy. This will be supplied to both landlord and tenant.

A deposit is required prior to the commencement of the tenancy that will be registered with DPS. The will be reimbursed back to you at the end of the tenancy, subject to the details of your agreement and the findings of the inventory check-out report. Also one weeks rental holding deposit is required to hold the property which will be deducted from your rent which is nonrefundable if a week passes without closure on the particular let.

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